Smart Home

Different technologies have been around for years trying to make home life easier. In today’s era we can automate nearly everything via Smart Phones or Computers. The following is a list of just a few of the technologies we can offer for your home or office and a few features that these technologies can deliver. Keep in mind the sky is the limit here!

If you can just put these in bullets: and have them side by side instead of one continual list so it is not so long

  • X-10
  • Z-Wave
  • Insteon
  • UPB


  • A/C Control
  • Door Lock and unlock
  • Garage door opening and closing
  • Whole house audio and video
  • Surveillance system viewing and recording
  • Light sequences
  • Light dimming
  • Lights on or off
  • Pool and Spa control
  • Automatic blinds or window shades
  • Christmas light timers
  • Audio volume and Zone control




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