Home Maintenance

Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning & Commercial Window Cleaning
Inside – Outside – Screens – Tracks
1st: Remove all your screens
2nd: Remove dirt and debris
3rd: Soap wash exterior windows
4th: Squeegee dry (Streak Free Shine)
5th: Replace screens
6th: Vacuum and clean window tracks inside
7th: Soap wash interior windows
8th: Replace any plants or furniture that was moved for ladder placement
9th: Ensure all windows have a streak free shine
Finally: Complete a final walkthrough with our customer

Call for an estimate for your home or business – each home is different and we can tailor the estimate to fit your budget. We can offer outside cleaning only, or even just the hard to reach windows on the second floor.
Window cleaning can be dangerous so let the professionals with So Cal Services handle this job for you. Stay off those tall ladders!
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Pressure washing

Pressure wash is one of the most affordable and easy way to improve the appearance and increase your home’s value. It is a smart way to prevent future costly repairs, time, and trouble.

Having your outdoor spaces, driveway, pool deck, wood pavers, cement pavers, stucco siding, wood siding, eaves of your home and roof tiles even boat docks pressure washed and cleaned is a quick and easy way to protect one of your largest investments.

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning should be performed from once a year to once every few years depending on the surroundings. Tree leafs and needles are not the only cause for clogged gutters. Dirt and sediment that falls and lands on your roof gets washed into your gutters when it rains. This sediment is too heavy to flow to the downspouts properly causing build up and clogging. Clogged gutters retain water, the gutters are not made to hold that weight and overtime the pitch of the gutter will be damaged causing an un-clogged gutter to not drain properly.

Have the professional gutter cleaners of So Cal Services handle this dirty job for you, stay off the roof!

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Tree Trimming

So Cal Services offers tree Trimming, Pruning, & Stump Removal for all types of trees. From large to small we can trim/prune your trees annually so they do not over grow a space or become too dense. (Tree trimming promotes healthy canopy growth) Our professionals can take down trees that have overgrown there space, obstructing a view, damaging foundation or walkways, & more.

Our team can even organize and stack your trees lumber to use for firewood. Or have it prepped for sale for your own profit. Or we can just haul it away. Let us know what you would like to do with the tree at the start of the job so we can properly quote your project.

So Cal Services Specializes in palm tree frond removal and skinning.

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Junk Clean-Outs

Junk removal is gross, messy, dangerous & sometimes hazardous…Let the pros of So Cal Services remove all your junk and trash. From simple tenant cleanouts to filthy hoarder H.U.D. homes, we can accommodate any job no matter how dirty.
Do you have RENTAL PROPERTIES that need CLEAN-OUTS AND MAINTENANCE – then we are the perfect match.

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