Architectural Lighting

Lighting can dramatically change the mood and environment of a space. Whether indoors or out, our skilled professionals can design and install the lighting features to make your home or business pop.

So Cal Services can retro fit your entire home to energy efficient lighting (save 100’s on your electric bill)
If you can just put these in bullets: and have them side by side instead of one continual list so it is not so long
Can Lighting, Pendant Lighting, Sconce Lighting, Carriage Lights, Lamp Posts, Security Lighting, Motion Detection Lights, Art Lighting, Tract Lighting, Spot Lights, Flood Lights, Roof Lighting, Permanent or Temporary Lighting

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Event/Wedding Lighting

If you’re having a backyard wedding or renting out a local venue, So Cal Lighting can transform your space with numerous light features. We specialize is Event lighting such as Light Canopies, Gobo Projectors, Up Lights, Spot Lights, Pin Spots, Wall Washers, Flood Lights, Twinkle Mini Lights, Tree Wraps, Motion Lights, and so much more…

So Cal Lighting will over exceed your expectations on your special day. We not only install mood lighting for weddings but also transform spaces with lighting for Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Graduations, Reunions, Corporate Events, Holidays and much more…

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Landscape Lighting

Enjoy your outdoor spaces in the evening hours with Landscape Lighting. Landscape lighting has become more affordable and reliable over the years. From a few simple spot lights to an entire display of lights showcasing your #1 investment, and for me (my favorite place to be) YOUR HOME, install landscape lights to brighten up your pathways and showcase your softscapes and hardscapes.
Landscape Lighting does not only offer visual appeal it also contributes to safety around the yard and walkways as well as deters vandalism and intruders (increasing security)
All landscape lighting systems that So Cal Services installs are low voltage so they will not be dangerous in wet environments, they are all weather and best of all they will not jack up your electric bill.

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